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11 Technologies Developers Should Explore Now

11 Technologies Developers Should Explore Now

Every day we witness the launch of new innovative and disruptive technologies that can revolutionize the way things were done. As a developer, it is therefore imperative to keep abreast of all that is happening around you. Incidentally, developers can now take advantage of a whole multitude of new technologies, not only the IoT. Here are some of the latest technologies that are expected to change our lives in ways we cannot even imagine:

  1. Blockchain aims at creating a distributed ledger that can guarantee data security and transparency. Absence of standardization is why its adoption has been slow across industries but one can expect its deployment in healthcare, financial services, and insurance.
  2. IoT security: This has become one of the most sought-after technologies given the recent high incidence of hacking of unprotected devices that are interconnected. Gartner recommends that security professionals and developer teams must work together to ensure these security threats are addressed as soon as they get detected.
  3. Artificial intelligence is going to make way for new robots, autonomous vehicles, and smart devices. So, it is only natural that the demand for AI engineers is at an all-time high; those with expertise in research and proficiency in speech recognition, robotics, reasoning, and Natural Language Processing, etc. Since AI needs data at all times, demand for data scientists, data curators, and analytics experts is also on the rise.
  4. Machine learning uses huge volumes of data for detecting patterns and solving problems. Cognitive technologies supported by machine learning and bots will enhance value of businesses. Contributions in machine learning demand experiments using real-time data and then observing and upgrading the model; this is why having a computer science degree can prove to be beneficial.
  5. Data science is fast growing into one of the most sought-after disciplines where you may need to have prior knowledge of machine learning and AI. It requires you to use large data volumes to give it a shape that will enable prompt decision making. People with engineering skills, understanding of statistics and probability, and excellent research skills can exploit this technology.
  6. Mesh app and service architecture (MASA) is a new technology that app developers must adopt because the demand for apps is on the rise. The MASA will ensure that everything is interconnected, provided the absence of standards does not create an issue.
  7. AVs: Autonomous vehicles, appliances and robots are incorporating machine learning and AI and making our homes and cars “smart”.
  8. VR and AR: Virtual reality and augmented reality are technologies that can now create immersive user experiences beyond simply creating gaming experiences. These technologies are increasingly being used for marketing and distribution services like hospitality, consumer goods, and retail. Even in healthcare these can be used for communicating complex procedures.
  9. Digital Twins: This involves software models that are linked with virtual and physical sensors capable of predicting service or product failures. This allows businesses to plan ahead and allocate resources to repair before failure happens. This predictive technology boosts efficiency and can cut down operational costs.
  10. Humanlike assistants: The future workplace will integrate smart apps into daily operations to boost productivity. Enterprise workloads are being shifted to public cloud and intelligent and automated applications are being integrated, thereby changing how IT companies worked.
  11. Convergence: AI can be the most groundbreaking of the technologies mentioned above but it is convergence of all these emerging technologies that is the most important of all. When together, each of these IoT, AI, blockchain, VR and AR, etc can be much more.


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